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"Chorna rada: Deti Nochi" - the festival
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This is english-language community of the festival "Chorna Rada: Children of the night"
The slavic-language community of festival can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/detinochi

Information (taken from festival's site - http://www.deti-nochi.kiev.ua)

"Chorna Rada: Children of the night"


Statuses of the festival:

"Dark romance & electro gathering of slavic nations"

"Biggest ukrainian gothic / independent festival"

"Most significant dark event in the ex-USSR"

The festival "Chorna Rada: Children of the night" is the oldest festival of gothic/industrial scene in ex-USSR, the one, which managed to gather ultimatively big number of visitors from the beginning. That's why it is labeled as "biggest gothic/dark event of ex-USSR" and "dark slavic gathering".

History of the festival goes to 1999 when it was first originally planned and realized with around 2000 of fans visiting the event and first goth / industrial bands playing there.

In USSR "gothic" or related issues were prohibitet, so there was no scene at all. After the breakdown of Soviet Union in 1989 the gothic / industrial scene of Eastern Europe developed tremendously . In early 1999 it became possible to organize first events for some thousands of audience. Unfortunately, each national independent scene (e.g. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States) developed isolated, but the demand grown for one common event gathering all together. Thus, in 1999-2000 the Chorna Rada 1 was made attracting attention of the whole region.

"Chorna Rada" is translated from slavic languages as "dark gathering", "dark council" and is famous for its historcal interpretations. The place for festival, Kiev-city is also a rightest choice, because Kiev is historically acknowledged as "cradle" of such slavic nations as ukrainians, russians or belorussians. The first name of the festival, "Children of the night" was originally used in 1999 and identifies and talks for itself.

Nowadays, "Chorna Rada: children of the night" is the central slavic gothic / industrial event, that presents annualy the best bands from Ukraine. Russia, Belarus and rest of Eastern Europe in Kiev. The place to come for lovers of gothic, industrial, cyber and dark romance from different neighboring countries of region, who visit the festival.

Short promo-info:

"The Ukrainian Gothic Portal (www.gothic.com.ua) invites you again for the unique event - the festival "Chorna Rada: children of the night" (www.chornarada.kiev.ua), that is the biggest gothic / industrial / independent event in Ukraine and neighboring slavic countries. The festival Chorna Rada gathers annualy best bands, DJ's and thousands of lovers of gothic / industrial scene from the ex-USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Chorna Rada has 5-years history, takes place in Kiev and is organized every year . The actual festival dates (always in september) are announced on official site - www.chornarada.kiev.ua"

The idea:

The Chorna Rada gathers best bands, DJ's and thousands of lovers of gothic / industrial scene from the ex-USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Baltic States. The festival keeps developing the same position in slavic region as the biggest gothic festivals of Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen, M'era Luna), Poland (Castle Party) and in other countries do, assembling tens of thousands of people from the different parts of the world.

Official website: http://chornarada.kiev.ua
Festival is organized by Ukrainian Gothic Portal (http://gothic.com.ua)

If you want to support the festival, place our banner at your pages:

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